Social Media and the death of humanity as we once knew it.

SMZ Social Media Zombies

smz pic

It would seem somewhat hypocritical of me to blog about this subject as I do really enjoy social media and the wealth of knowledge that is more and more available at our fingertips. However I’ve become more and more aware of the lack of social awareness of the growing pandemic of life between the real world and cyber world. Recently I was out for a few drinks in a quite bar so we could catch up and hear each others news and talk about some stuff you wouldn’t post on your social media accounts. However not long into meeting up I decided to leave as two of our group of four where constantly on their phones. They then took offence to me doing so, was I wrong is this the new way of communicating?

This problem seems to be everywhere before I blogged about the film industry been broken and one of the contributing factors to this may lie in my past half a dozen trips to the cinema. I love film and I love watching great actors and great directors. I went to see the amazing film Interstellar by the equally amazing Christopher Nolan and the whole experienced was ruined by the amount of people on there smart phones during the actual film. Okay I agree checking in on facebook and promoting the fact your supporting film and haven people ask you what you thought of a film. This scenario is reflected in bars restaurants. I’m not against social media or smart phones (says he blogging away) But there is time and place for everything and I feel I am loosing good friends as they slowly morph into social media zombies.

SMZ’s the new era of humanity: Been a fan of Pixar movies this new socialite reminds me of the over weight lazy humans as seen in the wonderful film Wall-E. Yes I I know its a film but do yourself a favour next time your out see how many people are sitting on a bus or in a cafe with their zombie eyes gazing into the latest smartphone oblivious to the world around them. My fear here is these people will miss out on the real world as they will find the real world less exciting and they fail to be able to communicate with real people and this has happened. I’ve already lost number a friends and once loving girlfriend to this phenomenon they would get a smart phone and be so excited then they would be using it to communicate none stop with the world through viber, whatsapp or whatever messenger device or app available to them gradually they begin to text less meet up less and suddenly the humanity in them dies out and they are left to live as a social media zombie.

Hopefully one day the world will wake up and learn to embrace social media and real life and find a balance to allow both to work hand in hand.


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