U2 & iTunes music industry change. 

So this is old news but I believe the concept is going to be ongoing. September 2014 U2 realised their studio album “songs of innocence” free to all iTunes users. Which stirred off a internet frenzy of controversial opinions on the matter of music industries and the artists been too egotistic. 

On the Graham Norton show late last year the band themselfs said they achieved in 2 weeks what the Joshua Tree album took 20 years. So was this a bad thing? We live in the age of piracy from music to film the Internet has it for free. If you obtain such material without paying for it that’s your own ethical decision. With information and material so ready available and everyone having an opinion has the mold been broken, is the very ethos of art changed that the artist must adapt also. 

Take music for instance, I’m a drummer and a guitarist all be it not a good one, but I personally believe in buying my music off iTunes. It seems like everywhere I look more and more live venues are getting booked up 12 to 14 months in advanced as the music artists seems to tour more and more to and up losses. Whilst I agree with some of my friends that a musicians craft should be live I feel going forward that further studio albums will suffer as the artist will either be exhausted or have a lack of faith. 

So where is the compromise? I feel such streaming sites like spotify will do for music what Netflix has done for TV. The artist would get paid and not force them to be touring nonstop thus for ensuring studio albums do not suffer. Radiohead and other artist have already gone down this route and I believe will be remembered as pioneers of the new music industry ensuring artist rights and creativity. 

Feel free to tweet your thoughts to me I’d be very interested to here people’s thoughts.



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